Creative Nonsense

“I’m a fairly undisciplined writer.” – Neil Gaiman

The Rest of the World is Laughing at U.S..

Trump’s actions at the NATO conference proves that. The headlines are more depressing every day, cameras and news crews listen attentively to these bumbling idiots in expensive suits with millions of dollars stashed away talk about things they don’t care about or understand. Have I mentioned that the planet is dying? *** If you’re looking

On Freelance Writing

I’ve talked before about my… relationship with freelance writing. I don’t even really feel like I can say I was or am a freelance writer. I did some research (fell down a click-bait Pinterest hole) Took a class (a scam) And made an account on Fiverr, a freelancer site. I helped some clients, did some

So, I submitted another short story for publication…

Well, technically it was a while ago, but I figure I should be hearing back from the publishing house soon. Just for giggles, I re-read that short story yesterday afternoon…. … … … Let’s just say I will be very surprised if I get an acceptance email. *** Sometimes, the things you create are just