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Monday: When the Productivity War Begins

For me, anyway.


I don’t usually write much on the weekends, especially night right now. It’s been a pleasant fall here in NE Ohio where I live, and the hubs and I have been trying to do fun fall things outside the home before we get snowed in for weeks at a time.

Also, my parents are moving from their house of 19 years to an apartment, so that’s… you know, a thing.

But thus comes Monday, as it always does after Sunday. The fight with the alarm is just a little more vicious this morning, the morning routine pocketed with much stumbling and almost-forgetfulness.

The cats begging for food are just a little more irritating than usual, and the air is dry and uncomfortable to breathe.

Even as the mid-autumn sun beings to rise, I debate whether or not I should crawl back into bed when my partner leaves for work.

But I’m not going to. There is too much to do before the day is done.

Reader, I imagine the same is true for you.

But it’s Monday – the start of a new week.

Don’t hold it against yourself if your brain feels sluggish and your feet drag, if everything on your to-do list doesn’t get crossed off by the time the evening gloom sets in.

There is still time. Let this day be exactly what it is; do what you can, and go from there.

I’m going to try, at least.

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