NaNoWriMo Begins With Snow, Wind, and a Sick Cat

Sophia is a little tabby with white feet and a white belly. My husband’s mother found her several years ago, skinny, starving, and on death’s door. She nursed her back to health and Tim, my husband, took her in.

This cat is the very definition of obnoxious. She doesn’t ask for anything, she demands it. Despite her small statue, she has a cry that carries throughout the whole house, and it’s not unlike her to just sit somewhere and yell at us for who knows what reason.

She also doesn’t like other animals and has a lot to say about the three other cats – two of them still rambunctious and kitten-like – occupying her space.

I’m not gonna lie, she isn’t my favorite cat in the whole world. She drives me kind of crazy, but she is at her heart very sweet.

And she loves my husband.

Like, a whole lot.

In the 2.5 years we’ve been together, Sophia has gotten sick only once – she had a cold, which made her all sneezy and pathetic and she lost her voice. Despite how much we would make fun of her otherwise constant screeching, not hearing it for a few days made the place feel empty, and we were actually relieved when she got it back and started to feel better.

Oh, and did I MENTION that she’s one of the most food-driven animals I’ve ever owned? Seriously. She’ll start begging for food at like 3pm and won’t stop until there is something in her bowl, but even then we have to keep her in another room while everyone else is eating or she’ll go eat their food, too.

She’s always the first one down stairs in the morning for breakfast, and the first one to begin announcing that it’s close to dinner time.

So you can imagine our alarm when she didn’t come down for breakfast this morning. When we found her curled up under our bed. When we brought food up to her that she then turned her nose up at.

She doesn’t feel good, and we don’t know what’s wrong. She hates being in the carrier, so we’re not gonna take her anywhere until we know for sure we need to.

My husband sat with her while I went out on the front porch to try to correct some of the damage that had been done in the night from the wind and feed the two stray cats who live out there. I could tell they were cold, and the meager shelters I have out there for them are no where near enough to protect to them from this sudden onslaught of winter.

I ordered them little outdoor houses, which hopefully will be coming in the mail today.

In the meantime, all we can to is watch and wait.

Hopefully Sophia eats.

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