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“I’m a fairly undisciplined writer.” – Neil Gaiman

Everyone Always Talks About 1st Drafts… What About 3rd Drafts?

Making it this far means you’ve at least sort-of done your homework.

You trudged through the beginning process, learning the world, the characters. Writing yourself into plot holes and then BSing your way around them so you can get to “the end” part.

Maybe you wrote an outline, maybe you have a whole notebook full of notes and only some of them remain relevant.

Maybe you’ll even be taking elements from the previous drafts and adding it to this one.

Probably not, though – a lot of what you wrote before will get scrapped.

It’s not that you were completely wrong, it’s just that the things that happen in the story don’t happen that way. You know that now. And you are that much closer to figuring out how they do happen, what works.

But don’t worry: this story will still surprise you.


You feel a little accomplished: you’ve come this far, after all. Learned so much. What you embark on now will hopefully turn out to be the closest this story has ever come to being complete.

This, you feel, will be the draft you revise in document. You won’t have to start over from the beginning once this one’s done, you won’t have to scrap everything and give it another go.

At least, so you hope.

You have a goal, an idea, a dream. And for the first time, there’s also a time limit. BookCon 2020 is the last weekend in May, and you want to attend prepared to pitch your story in its most complete form.

You have time, but the task is still more daunting than even you would like to admit.

After all, you’re building this draft using all you learned from the other ones, but you are still building it from the ground up.

You’re at 1,900 words. Sure, that’s more than 0. More than 500, 900, 1,000, 1,500.

But 1,900 is still barely scrapping the surface of all you have yet to achieve.

You have work to do if you want to bring this one to the attention of possible literary agents and publishers.

A lot of work to do.


What, you’re still here?

Goddamnit, go write.

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