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I Committed the Sin of all Writing Sins

I revised as I wrote yesterday.

In fact, most of my writing ended up being in revision of what I had written over the past week.

-insert dramatic gasp here-

But you know what? Doing that helped. A lot.


I will be the first one to tell you about how you should write first and edit later, especially when you’re in the early drafting stage.

You figure out a massive plot twist more than halfway through the book that maybe needed to be hinted at several chapters ago? Write it: just get it down, you can make changes later.

However, every book is written differently, even if the writer of those books happens to be the same person.

Sometimes, a story calls for the rules to be broken a little. That’s okay. Listen to it: it knows best.


I plowed through two very rough drafts of this story in the last 18 months. The first one I hurried up and slapped an ending on because I figured out whole writing it that there was going to need to be a lot more that came in *earlier.*

The second draft? I didn’t finish it because, again – same thing.

I’m learning how to write this book, and every time I sit down with it I feel I get better and better at listening to it. Maybe I didn’t make a whole lot of “forward motion yesterday,” but you know what? I’m at a total of 5.5 words now and have a pretty good feeling about the next section, something I will start on today.

Will there need to be more revisions later? Of course – but it’s all part of the process.

So find your flow and stick with it – f*ck what anyone else says.

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