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“I’m a fairly undisciplined writer.” – Neil Gaiman

Studying Today

Writing is weird.

Not only are you making things up in your imagination, putting them down on paper, and then trying to apply enough reality to them so that someone else who is not you can understand and be entertained by what you made, but you are doing something that, when you do it too much or too often, you find yourself not getting better, but getting worse.

Like that sentence/paragraph for example.


Sure I could go back and edit it, but that’s not what this blog is about.

This blog is short and weird and probably a little too pissy to be truest entertaining.

But sometimes I’m pissy. Sometimes I’m not entertaining.

Sometimes I write so much I somehow lose the threads, find myself constructing more bad sentences than good ones.

Sometimes I find myself re-using brining language, sometimes I watch my characters fall flat.

This happens, I think, to a lot of writers.

It’s what causes blocks, makes some of us walk away from this thing we were only just starting to give life to.

But do you know what you should do instead?

Close your document or your notebook, and start studying.

Find some good articles online, check some books out from the library.

Watch a MasterClass, there are tons of writing classes taught by brilliant writers.

Re-center your focus, recharge that part of your brain that gets tired when you’re not actively learning something new.

Study your craft.

It’s just as productive as writing 10k words a day.

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