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Unreliable Indie Presses, Holidays, and Deadlines

Hello, writers and creative types.

How are you faring?

It’s cold here, though not quite as cold as you would expect for late December in North-East Ohio. We got some snow, but the sun coupled with some strange 40 degree (Fahrenheit) weather has melted it all away.

Tell me, do you like the holidays? Whatever you celebrate, be it Christmas or Hanuka or what have you.

Personally I have mixed feelings. Being an atheist, I have no connection to the religious side of things, and being a Marxist means I have little to no use for the consumer side.

And of course, coming from a family where mental illness and personality disorders run like wildfire means I have very few “happy” memories of family get togethers, and my parents are usually so depressed and bogged down in their own darkness there is little likelihood of that ever changing.

So, do I like the holidays?

Short answer: not really.

But work culture in the U.S. is toxic and horrible and we’re grateful for any kind of time off, paid-for or otherwise. That’s the one up-side to the mass consumerism, overzealous religious nonsense, and tacky decorations.

It’s therefore the side I tend to focus on the most. I get to spend time with my partner – time spent in our pajamas watching movies or reading books, time that’s not rushed by anything or anyone.

Well, usually.

Things are a little different this year.

I have not one but three deadlines to meet, all between the last week of December and February 1st.

And a novel to finish writing before May.

And groceries to buy.

And a house to clean.

So, yeah.

I’m a little stressed.

Knowing I’ll have to deal with badgering, invasive questions about my reproductive capabilities from my husband’s family doesn’t alleviate any of that stress either.

And to top it all off, the small press who’s now accepted two of my short stories (and published one of them) has decided to go completely MIA.

Just after I turned down another publishing opportunity so I could continue to work with them because, ya know, I was always told it pays to be loyal.

I’m starting to think that’s a lie.

Happy fucking Holidays, people. Now, could you point me in the direction of your liquor cabinet?


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