Creative Nonsense

“I’m a fairly undisciplined writer.” – Neil Gaiman

About Me

Rebecca Fisher has always been writing. Long before she could hold a pen (and long long long before she knew how to type) she was running around her backyard, making up stories and talking to characters only she could see. Luckily, her parents chose to encourage and feed her imagination rather than lock her in some asylum – although she’s sure they sometimes wonder if they made the right choice.

Born in raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Rebecca has published two short stories with many more to come. She graduated from Hiram College in 2016 and spent some time enrolled in Kent State University’s School of Library and Information Science before she decided to peruse other career aspirations.

She lives in a charming townhouse-style apartment just outside of downtown Cleveland with her husband, four cats, two lizards, and more books than they care to count. When she’s not typing away at the next mad idea, she’s taking long walks on the shores of Lake Erie, traveling, or feeding stray cats.

You follow her writing journey here, on Twitter (@rf_writing), Instagram (@rebeccafisherwrites), or through her podcast series, The Bad Writer’s Podcast, which can be found on any podcast-listening/streaming platform.

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