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About Me

Hi, world!

MY NAME IS Rebecca – though I go by Becca just as often so it doesn’t matter too much which version of the name you call me (so long as it’s not Becky. Bleh).

I’M A 25-year old writer, story-teller, reader and overall NERD based in Cleveland, Ohio, where I live with my husband, our four cats, two lizards, an old typewriter, shelf after shelf of books read and to-be-read, chewed-up pens, and more notebooks than is probably healthy.

I MEAN, COME on now – how many blank notebooks does a person need?! Why not just use the ones you have instead of buying more? Aren’t we supposed to care about sustainability and all that? Yeesh.

NOW IF YOU’LL excuse me, I hear the local office supplies store is having a sale.



I STARTED OFF on my writing journey about two years ago. I’ve identified myself as a writer for about as long as I could remember, but after being told the classic “don’t quit your day-job,” or “you and everyone else, kid,” I kinda let it all slide away – to some unfortunately disastrous consequences.

BUT HEY, YOU live and learn, right?

AFTER GRADUATING FROM college, almost completing a Master’s Degree, and working an odd plethora of public service and small business jobs, I’ve come to terms with the fact that the only life worth living for me is one where I can write.

DOES THAT MEAN I write all the time? No.

DOES THAT MEAN I don’t procrastinate like a mo-fo? No.

DOES THAT MEAN I neglect other experiences and family? Of course not.

RATHER, IT MEANS I take extra care to make the space and the time necessary for my creativity to thrive. I’m not great at it yet – my nature is to be a perfectionist-driven go-getter, someone who can be found at the center of almost everything. But I’m learning how to give myself a chance to breathe, to think, to write.

I THINK I get better at it with each passing day.

RIGHT NOW, I have three WIPs (works in progress, for those of you unfamiliar with the short-hand). Two of them are active (although one more so than the other), and last is in the drawer waiting for me to pick it up again.

MY PLAN IS to publish, someday, somehow, in whatever form seems most appropriate for the project.

I JUST RECENTLY started experimenting with short-stories, which has been a fun new adventure. I have about three in the file folders now, waiting to be written or edited or both, one is about to get published in anthology (yay!), and other has been sent out for possible submission.

HEY, ANYTHING TO get our names out there, right?

MY LATEST ADVENTURE is what has come to be called The Bad Writer’s Podcast. The Bad Writer’s Podcast (BWP), is named ironically and in reference to all the times I was called such for not following some arbitrary writing rule my stuck-up professors believed to be some creative end-all, be-all of the craft.

YEAH, LIKE THAT really matters.

THE PODCAST IS meant to be a sort-of catalogue of my writing journey, while at the same time opening up the space for others to share their journeys and experiences. (NOTE: I’ve decided to turn my blog into a form of this catalog as well – I’ll be posting (almost) every day from here on out so as to save time in the podcast episodes, because BOY GOLLY are they getting long.)

SO FAR, I’VE gotten some pretty wonderful feedback, and I only hope that it continues to grow and form a community of like-minded writers and creative types.

IF YOU HAVEN’T listened to it yet, I highly recommend you check it out – download and subscribe on any of the most popular podcast hosts, like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. And if you’ve got a few pennies to rub together, I’d love it if would become a patron on the show’s Patreon page – we’ve got things to talk about, goals to meet, and worlds to create, but we can’t do any of it without your help.


SO, YEAH. I guess I’m really bad at talking about myself: but people are complicated, and I’ve never been one of those who could perfectly sum themselves up in a couple of catchy phrases that fits neatly under their twitter handle. If you’re one of those people, then kudos to you.

IF YOU’RE NOT, then welcome to the club.

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